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Trying to switch over from OS/2 to Ubuntu via this neat little eeePC.  My primary 
word processor is XyWrite, which runs fairly well under Dosemu for the most part.

* In WyWrite I am used to using Alt-Backspace (to delete the previous word) -- for 
so long, it's now second nature.  Searching "dosemu alt-backspace" keeps yielding 
references to "ctrl-alt-backspace" which isn't what I want.  Finally I found that 
someone says "Alt-Backspace and Ctrl-Insert... are not available for the BIOS (at 
least in DOSemu!)"  Is this true, and if so, is there any chance a future DOSemu (or 
Freedos) will overcome this?

* I'd also like to remap some of the default Linux/Dosemu keys -- for example, 
Alt-F2 is very useful in Ubuntu for running a command, but while in Dosemu I'd 
prefer to let XyWrite handle it.  Is this possible?

-Rafe Tennenbaum

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