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I have been able to use ssh to open a dosemu session remotely, it requires installing some fonts only. Would this help?

BUT I am also very interested in screen, because it should allow a session to remain open and reconnect to it.


C.J. Adams-Collier escreveu:
FWIW, I've seen this same issue.  I'd like to run a BBS on a server
and connect it to a PTY with ssh or something.  sysop console on a

But I'm a little light on the details.

I'll be listening intently :)

On Thu, Jan 15, 2009 at 07:44:45AM +0800, Julieto Agbay wrote:
I search the mailing archive and could not found an entry related to
screen. I am not sure if what I found is a bug, feature request or
unsupported function at all.

Screen is a full-screen window manager that multiplexes a physical
terminal with interactive  shells.  See "man screen" for details or
"yum install screen" on CentOS systems is not installed yet.  What I
am am trying to do is to run DOSEMU in one of this virtual screen so
remote users of  a DOS program can share their session for debugging
and support.

I am using putty to ssh remote session with character set translation
of UTF-8.  Everything seems to display characters correctly but when
try to navigate the menu using arrow up/down, the session freezes or
hangs.  This DOS program is already running in a regular shell so I
hope this is only a configutation so DOS users can use virtual screen
to share their sessions.

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