Unable to run two instances (dosemu + foxpro)

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I've been banging my head against the wall for a few days now and cannot seem to find a solution.

My problem is that I cannot seem to run FoxPro for DOS more than once at the same time. I've basically set dosemu as a log in shell for a user, lets name him Mike. He logs in, opens foxpro, works. At the same time I want to open up foxpro as a different user, lets name him John. Foxpro just exits without any error message.

I'm stumped. Any ideas?


---Some info about the installation---
FreeCom version 0.84-pre2 XMS_Swap [Aug 28 2006 00:29:00]
foxpro 2.6 (DOS)

Memory Type        Total       Used       Free
----------------  --------   --------   --------
Conventional          640K        10K       630K
Upper                 140K        21K       119K
Reserved              244K       244K         0K
Extended (XMS)    131,136K       164K   130,972K
----------------  --------   --------   --------
Total memory      132,160K       439K   131,721K

Total under 1 MB      780K        31K       749K

Total Expanded (EMS)                  128M (134,217,728 bytes)
Free Expanded (EMS)                   128M (134,217,728 bytes)

Largest executable program size       630K (644,768 bytes)
Largest free upper memory block       116K (119,200 bytes)
FreeDOS is resident in the high memory area.

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