Sound does not work completely with dosemu1.2.2

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The sound does not work.
Here is the regarding configuration in dosemu.conf:

$_sound = (on)
$_sb_base = (0x220)
$_sb_irq = (7)
$_sb_dma = (1)
$_sb_hdma = (5)
$_sb_dsp = "/dev/dsp"
$_sb_mixer = "/dev/mixer"

This is the dos variable: 

BLASTER=A220 I7 D1 H5 T6

The software which uses sound (e.g. Pirates!Gold) finds the soundcard.
But you hear nothing.
For testing purpose I have configured a wrong one (GUS). Then the
software complained, that there is no soundcard. So I think, with the
right configuration, the soundcard is found.

I think, it is strange that /dev/dsp is not opened during using the
emulated soundcard. I have tested it with lsof in another during
playing sounds inside of dosemu.

So, could it be, that I have forgotten to configure something more in

Kindly regards

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