module_license tree refreshed against linux-next

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Just a note, now -rc3 is out and you might be considering looking at the
module-license stuff again: the current module_license tree at module-license has been updated
against latest linux-next, upstreamed commits dropped, and all the
acked-bys/reviewed-bys I am aware of added. I've also introduced a few
more commits doing removals of MODULE_*, module.h inclusions etc where
maintainers have asked for it (but have not done that treewide).

I have not dropped commits with Greg K-H as maintainer simply because I
kept on oscillating on doing that, so I thought I'd leave the commits in
so you have the option to do either.

Test-built with make allyesconfig and allmodconfig (with clean tristate
checker runs) on x86-64: runs on aarch64 are underway. Not even tried
booting the result because booting an allyesconfig kernel is usually
troublesome even without linux-next in the mix :P

If you want a branch containing only those commits that have
acked-by/reviewed-by, I can do that, but it would have depressingly few
commits in (largely because most people who acked commits also took them
in, so I dropped them from my tree).

I hope my doing this makes your life a tiny bit easier!

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