Re: [RFC PATCH 00/11] Introduce Tegra register config settings

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On Tue May 7, 2024 at 8:38 AM CEST, Krzysztof Kozlowski wrote:
> On 07/05/2024 00:51, Krishna Yarlagadda wrote:
> >  
> >  Patch 01: Documentation about the device tree binding for common config framework.
> >  Patch 02: Common parser of the device tree config setting node for Tegra SoC.
> >  Patch 03: Device tree binding documentation for config setting.
> >  Patch 04: Device tree binding documentation for the I2C config setting.
> >  Patch 05: Avoid config settings child node to be treated as I2C device.
> >  Patch 06: Move clock initialization code into new methods
> >  Patch 07: Using config settings in Tegra I2C driver for interface timing registers.
> >  Patch 08: Add Tegra234 I2C config settings in DT.
> >  Patch 09: Device tree binding documentation for the SDHCI config setting.
> >  Patch 10: Using config settings in Tegra SDHCI driver for tuning iteration.
> >  Patch 11: Add Tegra234 SDHCI config settings in DT.
> > 
> > Known Issues:
> >  - DTC warning for config 'missing or empty reg property for I2C nodes'
> Which should stop you from sending buggy code, till you fix it.

Okay, so this RFC series was meant to solicit comments on the general
approach of this. Fixing this known issue is fairly complicated and
involves patching DTC, which we would be prepared to do if this was
generally deemed acceptable, but doesn't seem like a worthwhile
undertaking until we know we can move ahead with this.

So rather than categorically NAKing something that was sent out as a
proposal looking for feedback on how to improve and turn this into
something acceptable, it'd be great to get constructive feedback on how
we can get there.


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