Re: [PATCH v2 1/3] dt-bindings: mmc: renesas,sdhi: Group single const value items into an enum list

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On 25/04/2024 19:11, Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:
>>>> +              - renesas,sdhi-sh73a0  # R-Mobile APE6
>>>> +              - renesas,sdhi-r7s72100 # RZ/A1H
>>>> +              - renesas,sdhi-r7s9210 # SH-Mobile AG5
>>>> +              - renesas,sdhi-r8a73a4 # R-Mobile APE6
>>>> +              - renesas,sdhi-r8a7740 # R-Mobile A1
>>>> +              - renesas,sdhi-mmc-r8a77470 # RZ/G1C
>>> Keep list alphabetically ordered.
>> This list is sorted based on SoC, I will sort it  alphabetically.
>> Geert is that OK with you?
> Usually we sort alphabetically by compatible value.

BTW, it is also fine if you keep some other sorting rule there, which is
in general known to interested parties. Although I would argue that most
people adding new entries are not aware of such rules, thus they add
things to the end increasing the chances for conflicts.

Best regards,

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