Re: [PATCH 0/6] Add support for BCM2712 SD card controller

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On 4/13/2024 3:14 PM, Andrea della Porta wrote:

This patchset adds support for the SDHCI controller on Broadcom BCM2712
SoC in order to make it possible to boot (particularly) Raspberry Pi 5
from SD card. This work is heavily based on downstream contributions.

Patch #1 and 2: introduce the dt binding definitions for, respectively,
the new pin cfg/mux controller and the SD host controller as a preparatory
step for the upcoming dts.

Patch #3: add a somewhat reasonable (*almost* bare-minimum) dts to be used
to boot Rpi5 boards. Since till now there was no support at all for any
2712 based chipset, both the SoC and board dts plus definitions for the
new Pin and SD host controller have been added.

Patch #4: the driver supporting the pin controller. Based on [1] and
successive fix commits.

Patch #5: add SDHCI support. Based on [2] and the next 2 fix commits.
Drop the SD Express implementation for now, that will be added by patch

Patch #6: this patch offers SD Express support and can be considered totally
optional. The callback plumbing is slightly different w.r.t. the downstream
approach (see [3]), as explained in the patch comment. Not sure what is the best,
any comment is highly appreciated.

Tested succesfully on Raspberry Pi 5 using an SDxC card as the boot device.

You really need to improve upon the quality of the patches you are submitting, they are not passing for coding style and this is seriously concerning.

It sounds like these patches are sent out just to tick a box that an effort has been made to upstream them, that is not how upstream works, so please send some quality time on getting them in tip top shape. Thank you.

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