RE: [PATCH v1] mmc-utils: FFU Status check for device without FW install support

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Thank you for your patch.
Please use a text-only mail format.
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> Micron Confidential
Please remove.

>[PATCH v1] mmc-utils: FFU Status check for device without FW install support
Maybe just: mmc-utils: Always report FFU Status

>From: Zhan Liu mailto:zliua@xxxxxxxxxx
>Problem and my changes 
>               ffu:also check ffu status for FW install not support device to catch the possible error of FW download error (FFU_STATUS[0x26] = 0x12), which is not captured by current mmc-utils. current mmc-utils simple ask user to reboot, which give the user false impression that the FW >update is successful. they will only found it is not after they check the FW version with extcsd read command and have not idea what is wrong since at this time the FFU_STATUS has been reset to 0x00. With this patch, user will know that FW download is failed. 
>when check the devce don't support FW install, read extcsd and check the FFU_STATUS value. If it is 0x00, ask user to reboot. If not, print the error message and exit.
I agree.
Even if the device doesn't support MODE_OPERATION_CODES,
There is no reason to omit its ffu-status report.

>             if (!ext_csd[EXT_CSD_FFU_FEATURES]) {
>-                           fprintf(stderr, "Please reboot to complete firmware installation on %s\n", device);
>-                           ret = 0;
>-                           goto out;
We report the status later - anyway, let's us it.
How about, instead of being so verbose about the possible statuses,
Just add a "report-status" label and goto it instead of out?


>Micron Confidential
Please remove


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