SD card specification and eSDHC controller

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I've got a question regarding sd cards, their specifications, and the
ability to support them by a host controller.
In my eSDHC (NXP LS1028a soc) features summary I can find the following:
- Conforms to the SD Host controller standard specification version
3.0, including test event register support
- Compatible with the SD memory card specification version 3.01, and
supports the high-capacity SD memory card
- Compatible with the SDIO card specification version 3.0

I have found that SD cards compatible with SD card specification 4.10
and higher support something like an extension register and in
particular power management. I've searched through kernel code and
found that these registers are parsed by the let's say generic part of
sd/mmc subsystem not by the host controller driver.
Does it mean that I can connect the SD card compatible with spec 4.10
and expect that the sd/mmc subsystem will use power management
features if the card supports them?

Best regards

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