Re: [PATCH v3 00/12] Hardware wrapped key support for qcom ice and ufs

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On 22/11/2023 06:38, Gaurav Kashyap wrote:
>   ice, ufs, mmc: use blk_crypto_key for program_key
>   qcom_scm: scm call for deriving a software secret
>   soc: qcom: ice: add hwkm support in ice
>   soc: qcom: ice: support for hardware wrapped keys
>   ufs: core: support wrapped keys in ufs core
>   ufs: host: wrapped keys support in ufs qcom
>   qcom_scm: scm call for create, prepare and import keys
>   ufs: core: add support for generate, import and prepare keys
>   soc: qcom: support for generate, import and prepare key
>   ufs: host: support for generate, import and prepare key
>   arm64: dts: qcom: sm8650: add hwkm support to ufs ice

This is close to a spaghetti patchset. ICE, UFS, MMC, then followed up
by SoC patches, then UFS, then firmware, then UFS, then again SoC and we
are back at UFS.

Crazy dependencies... or you collected unrelated patches into one
patchset making the merge strategy tricky.

>   dt-bindings: crypto: ice: document the hwkm property

Bindings come before users.

Best regards,

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