Re: [PATCH v7][4/4] dt-bindings: mmc: Add dt-bindings for realtek mmc driver

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On 22/11/2023 09:33, Jyan Chou [周芷安] wrote:
>>>> +      clocks = <&cc 22>, <&cc 26>, <&cc 121>, <&cc 122>;
>>>> +      clock-names = "biu", "ciu", "vp0", "vp1";
>>> Where is the DTS implementing this binding?
>>>> I said it once:
>>>>> I asked you to test the bindings. This also means that you must test 
>>>>> your DTS against bindings. Your bindings, DTS and driver do not 
>>>>> match, therefore let's be a bit more clear:
>>>>> NAK, till you upstream your DTS.
>>>> I still do not see DTS anywhere. Please link it.
>>> Sorry for asking. Which dts do we need to link it? The device tree we use for our SOC?
>>> or realtek,rtd-dw-cqe-emmc.example.dts?  Thanks.
>> The patch adding this device node to any upstream DTS. I am not speaking about example, but about upstream DTS using this MMC.
>> As I wrote last time, I don't believe you test bindings and DTS and I had proofs of that. Therefore I expect you to upstream DTS of your product.
> Sorry for explaining, since our DTS is still trying to upstream, but not accepted by upstream yet,

Please wrap your replies to match mailing list etiquette.


Last submission was half a year ago. That submission was not tested
either, so neither are your bindings nor DTS tested.

> could I provide the dts we local used now for you first to compare with bindings? I am sorry for making this request.

I don't believe you are testing these, so the answer is not. Please send
your SoC for upstreaming with MMC nodes included or as follow up.

Best regards,

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