Re: [PATCH V6][4/4] dt-bindings: mmc: Add dt-bindings for realtek mmc driver

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On 20/11/2023 11:50, Jyan Chou [周芷安] wrote:
>>> +
>>> +  resets:
>>> +    maxItems: 1
>>> +
>>> +  reset-names:
>>> +    const: reset
>> And here you describe the item? The only place when it is not needed?
>> Drop entierly.
> does it means we need to drop it? But we need this to determine whether to
> setup a reset control or not, if we didn't add it in our bindings, check patch will
> show error. Did I misunderstand your meaning? Thanks.

Please drop entirely reset-names. From the bindings, so obviously from
the DTS and driver code as well. I do not ask to drop resets, just

Best regards,

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