Re: [PATCH RFT] mmc: renesas_sdhi: register irqs before registering controller

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Hi Wolfram,

On Mon, Jul 10, 2023 at 4:10 PM Wolfram Sang
<wsa+renesas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> IRQs should be ready to serve when we call mmc_add_host() via
> tmio_mmc_host_probe(). To achieve that, ensure that all irqs are masked
> before registering the handlers.
> Signed-off-by: Wolfram Sang <wsa+renesas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Thanks for your patch!

> Based on 6.5-rc1 with bf54dec9e953 ("Revert "mmc: Revert "mmc: core:
> Allow mmc_start_host() synchronously detect a card") reverted. That base
> alone shows the regression. This patch works fine on a Salvator-X with a
> M3-W. I'll test more boards. Yet, I send it out so people can tests with
> boards I don't have.

I guess bf54dec9e953 is your local commit that reverts commit
fa700d73494abbd3 ("mmc: Revert "mmc: core: Allow mmc_start_host()
synchronously detect a card"") in v6.5-rc1?

> --- a/drivers/mmc/host/renesas_sdhi_core.c
> +++ b/drivers/mmc/host/renesas_sdhi_core.c
> @@ -1004,10 +1004,11 @@ int renesas_sdhi_probe(struct platform_device *pdev,
>                 host->ops.start_signal_voltage_switch =
>                         renesas_sdhi_start_signal_voltage_switch;
>                 host->sdcard_irq_setbit_mask = TMIO_STAT_ALWAYS_SET_27;
> -               host->sdcard_irq_mask_all = TMIO_MASK_ALL_RCAR2;
>                 host->reset = renesas_sdhi_reset;
>         }
> +       host->sdcard_irq_mask_all = TMIO_MMC_MIN_RCAR2 ? TMIO_MASK_ALL_RCAR2 : TMIO_MASK_ALL;

The condition above is always true. I assume you wanted to test
"mmc_data->flags & TMIO_MMC_MIN_RCAR2" instead?

> +
>         /* Orginally registers were 16 bit apart, could be 32 or 64 nowadays */
>         if (!host->bus_shift && resource_size(res) > 0x100) /* old way to determine the shift */
>                 host->bus_shift = 1;



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