Re: [PATCH] mmc: sdhci-f-sdh30: Replace with sdhci_pltfm

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Hi Adrian,

On 2023/06/29 21:57, Adrian Hunter wrote:
On 29/06/23 03:49, Kunihiko Hayashi wrote:
Even if sdhci_pltfm_pmops is specified for PM, this driver doesn't apply
sdhci_pltfm, so the structure is not correctly referenced in PM functions.
This applies sdhci_pltfm to this driver to fix this issue.

- Call sdhci_pltfm_init() instead of sdhci_alloc_host() and
   other functions that covered by sdhci_pltfm.
- Move ops and quirks to sdhci_pltfm_data
- Replace sdhci_priv() with own private function sdhci_f_sdh30_priv().

Does it need a Fixes tag?

Ah, I see. I'll add it in v2.

Signed-off-by: Kunihiko Hayashi <hayashi.kunihiko@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>


Acked-by: Adrian Hunter <adrian.hunter@xxxxxxxxx>

Thank you,

Best Regards
Kunihiko Hayashi

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