Re: [PATCH v2 00/45] Add support for sam9x7 SoC family

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On 23/06/2023 22:30, Varshini Rajendran wrote:
> This patch series adds support for the new SoC family - sam9x7.
>  - The device tree, configs and drivers are added
>  - Clock driver for sam9x7 is added
>  - Support for basic peripherals is added
>  - Target board SAM9X75 Curiosity is added
>  Changes in v2:
>  --------------
>  - Added sam9x7 specific compatibles in DT with fallbacks
>  - Documented all the newly added DT compatible strings
>  - Added device tree for the target board sam9x75 curiosity and
>    documented the same in the DT bindings documentation
>  - Removed the dt nodes that are not supported at the moment
>  - Removed the configs added by previous version that are not supported
>    at the moment
>  - Fixed all the corrections in the commit message
>  - Changed all the instances of copyright year to 2023
>  - Added sam9x7 flag in PIT64B configuration
>  - Moved macro definitions to header file
>  - Added another divider in mck characteristics in the pmc driver
>  - Fixed the memory leak in the pmc driver
>  - Dropped patches that are no longer needed
>  - Picked up Acked-by and Reviewed-by tags

Where did you pick them up? Can you point me to the patches?

Best regards,

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