Re: [PATCH v14 0/8] Support AMD Pensando Elba SoC

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On 15/05/2023 20:15, Brad Larson wrote:
> This series enables support for AMD Pensando Elba SoC based platforms.
> The Elba SoC has the following features:
> - Sixteen ARM64 A72 cores
> - Dual DDR 4/5 memory controllers
> - 32 lanes of PCIe Gen3/4 to the Host
> - Network interfaces: Dual 200GE, Quad 100GE, 50GE, 25GE, 10GE and
>   also a single 1GE management port.
> - Storage/crypto offloads and 144 programmable P4 cores.
> - QSPI and EMMC for SoC storage
> - Two SPI interfaces for peripheral management
> - I2C bus for platform management
> == V14 changes ==
> Updated email list using

If you split the patches per subsystem (e.g. SPI), you would get more of
them merged already.

Best regards,

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