sgi/ip27 REPLICATE_KTEXT: Any user?

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Hi all,

I'm trying to unify the implementation of NUMA on MIPS kernel.
Currently, we have 2 NUMA platform, SGI-IP27 and Loongson64.

I'm fairly familiar with Loongson64 and I'll take care of it, for
IP27 I have limited knowledge on it, I'm confident with dealing
general NUMA stuff, but REPLICATE_KTEXT seems a little bit cursed
for me.

I had a glance on it and I think this feature won't work on modern
kernel anyway. Nowadays, we have many fancy stuff like uasm and
static key which will modify kernel text at runtime. 

So I just wonder if there is any remaining user on this feature?
Are we safe to drop it?

- Jiaxun

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