Re: [PATCH v2 2/6] mtd: parsers: ar7: remove support

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> I'm not sure it is wise to merge defconfig changes through mtd. Would
> you mind sending this change aside to avoid potential conflicts? Each
> patch can live on their own anyway.

Yup, I can send a seperate patch for it.

> >  drivers/mtd/parsers/Kconfig    |   5 --
> >  drivers/mtd/parsers/Makefile   |   1 -
> >  drivers/mtd/parsers/ar7part.c  | 129 ---------------------------------
> Do you have other changes related to this file in your tree? It failed
> to apply on my side.

No change. Plain v6.6-rc2. I used "--irreversible-delete", though. Maybe
this is causing issues? As I stated in the cover-letter, I wonder if all
this should go via MIPS. But there hasn't been any discussion about it

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