Re: [RFC PATCH 0/2] vlynq: remove bus support

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On 9/18/23 06:18, Wolfram Sang wrote:
Hi all,

Agreed, TI AR7 is nearly 25 years old now, we should be able to remove that.
Wolfram, do you feel like doing that or would you rather have me do it, say
next week?

So, I pushed out an RC here:

git:// renesas/cleanup/remove_ar7

Just waiting for the buildbot report before I send out patches. buildbot
was already happy with my protoype, though. But I needed to reorder the
patches. (I do wonder, though, if they build AR7. I would have expected
a build failure with my prototype).

Looks good to me, just a few nits:


this is clearly a stray reference to begin with, but should be folded in your commit removing the MTD partition parser.

Other than that, LGTM and thanks for doing that clean up.

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