Re: [PATCH v3 0/5] Use nth_page() in place of direct struct page manipulation

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On Wed, 13 Sep 2023 16:12:43 -0400 Zi Yan <zi.yan@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On SPARSEMEM without VMEMMAP, struct page is not guaranteed to be
> contiguous, since each memory section's memmap might be allocated
> independently. hugetlb pages can go beyond a memory section size, thus
> direct struct page manipulation on hugetlb pages/subpages might give
> wrong struct page. Kernel provides nth_page() to do the manipulation
> properly. Use that whenever code can see hugetlb pages.

for (each patch) {

	Can we please explain why -stable backporting is recommended?

	Such an explanation will, as always, include a description of the
	user-visible effects of the bug.

	Some of the Fixes: targets are very old: 5 years.  Has something
	changed to bring these flaws to light?  Or is it from code inspection?


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