Re: [PATCH v2] drivers/gpio : Remove redundant platform_set_drvdata().

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On 19.03.23 12:59, Lizhe wrote:


platform_set_drvdata() is redundant in these functions.
the purpose of calling this function is to place data
in *driver_data. but the data is not retrieved in these

I appreciate your contribution, but I have to NAK for the gpio-amd-fch driver: it would at least create a memleak (driver core can't free the
driver_data when the driver is unloaded).

In general, patches to drivers should be splitted per driver, unless there's a hard reason to do otherwise. That's important for the
individual maintainers being able to review patches to their drivers.
If each maintainer can only ack on pieces of the patch, somebody else
would need to split out those things that could be picked. Really too


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