[PATCH v2 00/12] MIPS Virt board support

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Hi all,

This patchset adds support for the MIPS Virt board, which is based
on my QEMU patch [1].

It can work with all CPUs from MIPS Technologies, and also Loongson-2E,
Loongson-2F, Cavium Octeon, R4000.

Thanks to generic platform, there is nothing much to do for the platform
support, mostly decoupling CPU features with platform features, except for
last two patches.

Note that due to QEMU limitation, SMP support is currently broken for all
processors other than MIPS I6400/I6500. This is because QEMU is now treatiing
secundary CPUs as a VPE (MIPS Release 6 VP). I'm going to fix that after getting
virt board support merged in QEMU.


- Jiaxun
[1]: https://lore.kernel.org/qemu-devel/20230308000745.56394-1-philmd@xxxxxxxxxx/

Jiaxun Yang (12):
  MIPS: Move declaration of bcache ops to cache.c
  MIPS: smp-cps: Disable coherence setup for unsupported ISA
  MIPS: mips-cm: Check availability of config registers
  MIPS: Octeon: Opt-out 4k_cache feature
  MIPS: cpu-features: Enable octeon_cache by cpu_type
  MIPS: c-octeon: Provide alternative SMP cache flush function
  MIPS: Octeon: Allow CVMSEG to be disabled
  MIPS: Loongson: Move arch cflags to MIPS top level Makefile
  MIPS: Loongson: Don't select platform features with CPU
  MIPS: Octeon: Disable CVMSEG by default on other platforms
  MIPS: Add board config for virt board
  MIPS: generic: Enable all CPUs supported by virt board in Kconfig

 arch/mips/Kconfig                           |  6 ++--
 arch/mips/Makefile                          | 38 +++++++++++++++++++++
 arch/mips/cavium-octeon/Kconfig             |  3 +-
 arch/mips/configs/generic/board-virt.config | 38 +++++++++++++++++++++
 arch/mips/include/asm/cpu-features.h        | 21 ++++++++++--
 arch/mips/include/asm/processor.h           |  7 +++-
 arch/mips/kernel/asm-offsets.c              |  3 ++
 arch/mips/kernel/cps-vec.S                  |  5 +++
 arch/mips/kernel/cpu-probe.c                |  2 ++
 arch/mips/kernel/mips-cm.c                  |  9 +++--
 arch/mips/kernel/smp-cps.c                  |  5 +++
 arch/mips/loongson2ef/Kconfig               |  3 ++
 arch/mips/loongson2ef/Platform              | 35 -------------------
 arch/mips/loongson64/Platform               | 16 ---------
 arch/mips/mm/c-octeon.c                     |  5 +++
 arch/mips/mm/c-r4k.c                        | 14 --------
 arch/mips/mm/cache.c                        | 17 +++++++++
 17 files changed, 154 insertions(+), 73 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 arch/mips/configs/generic/board-virt.config

2.37.1 (Apple Git-137.1)

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