Re: [PATCH 02/15] mm/cma: move init_cma_reserved_pages() to cma.c and make it static

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On 3/20/2023 4:11 AM, Mike Rapoport wrote:
On Mon, Mar 20, 2023 at 11:30:20AM +0100, David Hildenbrand wrote:
On 19.03.23 22:59, Mike Rapoport wrote:
From: "Mike Rapoport (IBM)" <rppt@xxxxxxxxxx>

init_cma_reserved_pages() only used in cma.c, no point of having it in

Move init_cma_reserved_pages() to cma.c and make it static.

I guess the motivation is to avoid letting too many subsystems mess with
pageblock migratetypes, managed pages, PG_reserved ...

Judging by the git log it just ended up in page_alloc.c because
set_pageblock_migratetype() was static back then ;)
So it kind of makes sense to have these low-level details out of common CMA
code, no?

I don't mind keeping it out of cma and folding this into "grand move"
Just an FYI, this conflicts with my patch:

So it would work better for me if it was folded into your "grand move" (assuming that refers to your patch 4) and init_cma_reserved_pageblock() could be retained as a wrapper there in my patch if we want to still keep set_pageblock_migratetype() out of the common CMA code.


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