[PATCH v6 0/6] media: imx335: 2/4 lane ops and improvements

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Another batch of improvements of the imx335 driver.

Patch 1/6 adds support for 2 or 4 lane operation modes.

Patch 2/6 call the V4L2 fwnode device parser to handle controls that are
standardised by the framework.

Patch 3/6 introduces the use of CCI for registers access.

Patch 4/6 uses decimal values for sizes registers (instead of
hexadecimal). This improves overall readability

Patch 5/6 fixes the height value discrepency. Accessible height is 1944,
as per the data sheet

Patch 6/6 fixes the max analogue gain value.

Changes in v6: 
- Modify 2/6 to call v4l2_fwnode_device_parse()
  early in imx335_init_controls() and return early if error.
- Treat v4l2_ctrl_new_fwnode_properties() as one of framework
  functions, hence check ctrl_hdlr->error should be sufficient as

Changes in v5:
- Simplify error handling in 2/6. Check for ctrl_hdlr->error
- Space fix around { } in 3/6. Drop /* undocumented * as well

Changes in v4:
- Do not change from window cropping mode in patch 4/6.
  In v3, the sensor was changed to all pixel scan mode to
  achieve height=1944, but it can be achieved in window
  cropping mode as well, by fixing the mode registers

changes in v3:
- fix patch 2/6 where we need to free ctrl handler
  on error path.

changes in v2:
- New patch 4/6
- Drop calculating the pixel clock from link freq.
- CCI register address sort (incremental)
- Fix cci_write for REG_HOLD handling and add a comment.
- Remove  unused macros as part of 3/6

Kieran Bingham (2):
  media: imx335: Support 2 or 4 lane operation modes
  media: imx335: Parse fwnode properties

Umang Jain (4):
  media: imx335: Use V4L2 CCI for accessing sensor registers
  media: imx335: Use integer values for size registers
  media: imx335: Fix active area height discrepency
  media: imx335: Limit analogue gain value

 drivers/media/i2c/Kconfig  |   1 +
 drivers/media/i2c/imx335.c | 628 ++++++++++++++++++-------------------
 2 files changed, 298 insertions(+), 331 deletions(-)


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