Re: [PATCH] media: dt-bindings: media: add access-controllers to STM32MP25 video codecs

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Hi Rob

On 4/10/24 18:31, Rob Herring wrote:

On Wed, 10 Apr 2024 16:42:22 +0200, Hugues Fruchet wrote:
access-controllers is an optional property that allows a peripheral to
refer to one or more domain access controller(s).

Signed-off-by: Hugues Fruchet <hugues.fruchet@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  .../devicetree/bindings/media/st,stm32mp25-video-codec.yaml   | 4 ++++
  1 file changed, 4 insertions(+)

My bot found errors running 'make dt_binding_check' on your patch:

yamllint warnings/errors:

dtschema/dtc warnings/errors:
/builds/robherring/dt-review-ci/linux/Documentation/devicetree/bindings/media/st,stm32mp25-video-codec.yaml: access-controllers: missing type definition

doc reference errors (make refcheckdocs):


The base for the series is generally the latest rc1. A different dependency
should be noted in *this* patch.

If you already ran 'make dt_binding_check' and didn't see the above
error(s), then make sure 'yamllint' is installed and dt-schema is up to

pip3 install dtschema --upgrade

Please check and re-submit after running the above command yourself. Note
that DT_SCHEMA_FILES can be set to your schema file to speed up checking
your schema. However, it must be unset to test all examples with your schema.

This patch depends on STM32 firewall bus YAML which has been recently added in stm32-next branch. I tested it on top of stm32-next and there is no YAML issues (neiter dt-bindings checks nor dtbs_check). If you agree to ack it, I could merge it on stm32-next.


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