Re: [PATCH 000/117] media: Convert to platform remove callback returning void

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Hello Mauro

On Sun, Mar 26, 2023 at 04:30:25PM +0200, Uwe Kleine-König wrote:
> Hello,
> this series adapts the platform drivers below drivers/pci to use the

copy&paste failure here: s/pci/media/ of course.

> .remove_new() callback. Compared to the traditional .remove() callback
> .remove_new() returns no value. This is a good thing because the driver core
> doesn't (and cannot) cope for errors during remove. The only effect of a
> non-zero return value in .remove() is that the driver core emits a warning. The
> device is removed anyhow and an early return from .remove() usually yields a
> resource leak.
> By changing the remove callback to return void driver authors cannot
> reasonably assume any more that there is some kind of cleanup later.
> Only three drivers needed some preparation first to make sure they
> return 0 unconditionally in their remove callback. Then all drivers
> could be trivially converted without side effects to .remove_new().
> The changes to the individual drivers are all orthogonal. If I need to
> resend some patches because of some review feedback, I'd like to only
> send the patches that actually needed changes, so please pick up the
> remaining patches that don't need changing to reduce the amount of mail.

I didn't hear anything back about application of this series. Is there a
blocker somewhere?

Apart from the three preparatory patches that are a precondition to the
conversion of the respective drivers, the patches are all pairwise
orthogonal. So from my POV the best would be to apply all patches that
still apply (which might be all), I will care for the fallout later

Best regards

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