Re: cec-ctl does not monitor key presses from my tv remote control

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Hi John,

On 23/03/2023 21:02, John 1000 wrote:
> Key presses from my televison remote control via CEC are not being monitored by cec-ctl -m.
> I use the HDMI port next to the headphone jack from my Raspberry Pi 4B
> cec-ctl -d/dev/cec1 --tv -S | grep Philips
> gives
> Vendor ID : 0x00903e (Philips)
> cec-ctl -d/dev/cec1 --test-power-cycle
> turns the TV on and off in a cycle.
> => CEC works correctly.
> I also tried cec-ctl -d /dev/cec1 -M which returns:
> Monitor All mode is not supported, falling back to regular monitoring
> In the past I used cec-client, which showed the key pressses.
> Will monitoring key presses from a remote control be possible in the future?

I don't see anything in the code that would suggest that it doesn't pass
on received key presses.

What's the output of 'cec-ctl -d /dev/cec1'?

And why do you configure it as a TV? I assume this is the video source
to the TV, so this would typically be 'cec-ctl -d/dev/cec1 --playback'.



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