Re: [PATCH v5] dt-bindings: leds: Document commonly used LED triggers

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On Mon, 13 Feb 2023, Manivannan Sadhasivam wrote:

> On Mon, Feb 13, 2023 at 12:38:27PM +0530, Manivannan Sadhasivam wrote:
> > Document the commonly used LED triggers by the SoCs. Not all triggers
> > are documented as some of them are very application specific. Most of the
> > triggers documented here are currently used in devicetrees of many SoCs.
> > 
> > Signed-off-by: Manivannan Sadhasivam <manivannan.sadhasivam@xxxxxxxxxx>
> > ---
> > 
> > Changes in v5:
> > 
> > * Rebased on top of v6.2-rc1
> Noticed that Lee is now maintaining LED subsystem after sending v5.
> So rebased the patch on top of lee/for-leds-next branch and sent v6.

You can normally just work on top of -next.

Lee Jones [李琼斯]

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