Re[2]: [PATCH v2] ata: ahci: Add mask_port_map module parameter

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Hello Damien,
please apologize, I wasn't able to answer earlier, but I had some health issues.

Am 08.04.2024 04:26:06, "Damien Le Moal" <dlemoal@xxxxxxxxxx> schrieb:

On 4/6/24 07:53, Conrad Kostecki wrote:
 Hi Damien,

 Am 05.04.2024 14:51:43, "Damien Le Moal" <dlemoal@xxxxxxxxxx> schrieb:

 <PATCH v2>
 i did run a test on my hardware.
 It seems to work and adjusting the port_map. But I noticed a difference, that
 those virtual hostXY ports are not marked as DUMMY.
 With the previous patch, only six ports reported "ahci" and rest "DUMMY".
 I am not sure, if that should also not happen with your patch?
 [   13.365573] ahci 0000:09:00.0: masking port_map 0xffffff3f -> 0x3f
 [   13.376511] ahci 0000:09:00.0: SSS flag set, parallel bus scan disabled
 [   13.395670] ahci 0000:09:00.0: AHCI 0001.0301 32 slots 32 ports 6 Gbps 0x3f
 impl SATA mode
 [   13.397111] ahci 0000:09:00.0: flags: 64bit ncq sntf stag pm led only pio
 sxs deso sadm sds apst
 [   13.593757] scsi host9: ahci
 [   13.597362] scsi host10: ahci
 [   13.600949] scsi host11: ahci
 [   13.604548] scsi host12: ahci
 [   13.612459] scsi host13: ahci
 [   13.616027] scsi host14: ahci
 [   13.616437] scsi host15: ahci
 [   13.616745] scsi host16: ahci
 [   13.617039] scsi host17: ahci
 [   13.617415] scsi host18: ahci
 [   13.617723] scsi host19: ahci
 [   13.637158] scsi host20: ahci
 [   13.640666] scsi host21: ahci
 [   13.651760] scsi host22: ahci
 [   13.652311] scsi host23: ahci
 [   13.652850] scsi host24: ahci
 [   13.656374] scsi host25: ahci
 [   13.664120] scsi host26: ahci
 [   13.664570] scsi host27: ahci
 [   13.686567] scsi host28: ahci
 [   13.690179] scsi host29: ahci
 [   13.697603] scsi host30: ahci
 [   13.698083] scsi host31: ahci
 [   13.698518] scsi host32: ahci
 [   13.701855] scsi host33: ahci
 [   13.702323] scsi host34: ahci
 [   13.702745] scsi host35: ahci
 [   13.721520] scsi host36: ahci
 [   13.725157] scsi host37: ahci
 [   13.736948] scsi host38: ahci
 [   13.737383] scsi host39: ahci
 [   13.748518] scsi host40: ahci

These messages are normal. ata port stucture which leads to a scsi host are
still created for dummy ports. So seeing all ports here as scsi hosts is
normal. However, after these messages, you should see a "ataX: DUMMY" message.

That's what I mean. My asm1166 controller has only six ports. So for the list, most of them should been listed as DUMMY, but they are not.
With my previous patch for asm1066, this was the case.

Can you confirm that you see this please ? Also, please confirm that boot time
is OK and faster with the port map mask.
No, I am currently not able to confirm. It looks like, that's is still slow for me. Maybe a little bit faster, but I may be wrong. The main difference here is, that none of the asm1066 ports is being listed as DUMMY with your patch.

As my "ahci" module is build into the kernel, I added to my kernel arguments:

Based on the dmesg output, this should be correct?


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