Re: [PATCH v1 1/1] ata: libata: Move inclusion to where it belongs

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On Fri, Apr 05, 2024 at 08:16:29AM +0900, Damien Le Moal wrote:
> On 4/5/24 04:21, Andy Shevchenko wrote:


> >  /* libata-acpi.c */
> > +
> > +#include <linux/acpi.h>
> I am really not a big fan of including files in the middle of a header file.

I'm fine to place it at the top.


> > -#include <linux/acpi.h>
> Why not:
> #include <linux/acpi.h>
> #endif
> Which avoids the union forward declaration below.

The point is to reduce dependency hell. The header does NOT dependent on
ACPI guts, that's why I really prefer forward declaration over including
a monstrous acpi.h.

With Best Regards,
Andy Shevchenko

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