Re: [PATCH v9 00/38] ep93xx device tree conversion

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On 26/03/2024 10:18, Nikita Shubin via B4 Relay wrote:
> The goal is to recieve ACKs for all patches in series to merge it via Arnd branch.
> Some changes since last version (v8):
> - Most important, fixed bug in Device Tree resulting in CS4271 not working by Alexander Sverdlin.
> - added #interrupt-cells to gpio nodes with interrupts-controller
> - fixed some EOF in dtsi files
> - fixed identation and type in ep93xx-keypad thanks to Andy Shevchenko
> Stephen Boyd, Vinod Koul PLEASE! give some comments on following, couse i hadn't one for a couple of iterations already:
> Following patches require attention from Stephen Boyd, as they were converted to aux_dev as suggested:
> - ARM: ep93xx: add regmap aux_dev
> - clk: ep93xx: add DT support for Cirrus EP93xx
> Following patches require attention from Vinod Koul:
> - dma: cirrus: Convert to DT for Cirrus EP93xx
> - dma: cirrus: remove platform code

A lot of this could have been already merged if you split it... Just

Best regards,

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