Re: ASMedia PMP inquiry

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Signed-off-by: Szuying Chen <Chloe_Chen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

On 3/18/24 19:32, Niklas Cassel wrote:
> A user plugging in an external PMP (so not a PMP embedded on the PCIe card).
> We need to be able to read the PMP device and vendor ID, in order to apply
> the correct PMP quirks, see sata_pmp_quirks(). So trying to hide which PMP
> that is connected is bad, not only because it violates the specs, but also
> because it stops us from providing the proper quirks for the connected PMP.
> Could you please tell us how we can communicate with the PMPs directly?
> (Regardless if they are external PMPs or PMPs embedded on the PCIe card.)
Hello Niklas,

Unfortunately, our design does not provide interface to communicate with
the PMPs directly.
When ASM1064 plugging in an external PMP, we will hide the PMP and map to 
the virtual port to run.


> Kind regards,
> Niklas

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