Re: [PATCH v7] dt-bindings: imx-pata: Convert to dtschema

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On 11/03/2024 15:04, Animesh Agarwal wrote:
> Convert the imx-pata bindings to DT schema.
> Add missing fsl,imx31-pata and
> fsl,imx51-pata compatibles during conversion,
> because they are already being used in existing DTS.

Thank you for improving the commit msg. It looks a bit oddly wrapped. In
the future, please wrap commit message according to Linux coding style /
submission process (neither too early nor over the limit):

No need to resend just for this... but...
> Signed-off-by: Animesh Agarwal <animeshagarwal28@xxxxxxxxx>
> ---
> Changes in v7:
> - removed blank space at the end of file.

> +
> +additionalProperties: false
> +
> +examples:
> +  - |
> +    pata: pata@83fe0000 {
> +        compatible = "fsl,imx51-pata","fsl,imx27-pata";

Oh my... missing space after coma, but more important: what is happening
here? The space was here before in previous versions, so you removed it!
At least till v4 it was correct and bam - now it is not. Why? It's the
same confusing as new line appearing suddenly in v6.

It looks like between each revisions of patchset some random changes
appear in your code. How is it possible? Don't you work with Git? You
change file, git add -p and git commit --amend. Why unrelated changes
keep happening?

While the actual space is a nitpick, it points to the fact that your
patch experiences some changes in an unexpected way and we cannot trust
that you did only what you claim in changelog.

Best regards,

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