Some basic questions from a userland jerk about kernel binary format

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Hi all, 

I hope my topic is appropriate for this list, if not please point me 
in the right direction. 

I know the thing I want to achieve is strange as I could do the same 
better by using the dynamic module loader.  Unfortunately I've got to 
port an application from another OS and I'm currently not able to 
change the inner workings too much. 

What I want to achieve is to dynamically access arbitrary variables in 
my kernel module by determining the offset of the variable's address 
offline as an offest regarding a common base address within my 
module.  To achieve that I need to know the following: 

1. How many segments does a kernel module binary usually have? Is it 
   the same as in userland, i.e. .bss, .data and .text? Or are there 
   others or only a single one? 

2. (How) can I instruct the linker to put a certain variable 'near' 
   the beginning of each segment? This would become my base address, 
   one for each segment.  I would use the dynamic loader to access 
   this base address at runtime.  The most important prerequisite 
   would be that this base address needs to be 'in front of' every 
   application variable. 

3. I want to use binutils/nm to compute the offset of my application 
   variables in terms of their distance to the relevant base address. 
   This can obviously change from revision to revision of my my 
   module, which is ok.  Is that viable (I don't know the dynamic 
   linker of the kernel)? 

4. At runtime I want to compute my application variable's address by: 

   real_adr = base address + offset 

   Is that also ok? 


Andreas Ames 

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