Re: [PATCH v2] statx: stx_subvol

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On 12/03/2024 02:13, Eric Biggers wrote:
On Thu, Mar 07, 2024 at 09:29:12PM -0500, Kent Overstreet wrote:
  	__u32	stx_dio_mem_align;	/* Memory buffer alignment for direct I/O */
  	__u32	stx_dio_offset_align;	/* File offset alignment for direct I/O */
+	__u64	stx_subvol;	/* Subvolume identifier */
  	/* 0xa0 */
-	__u64	__spare3[12];	/* Spare space for future expansion */
+	__u64	__spare3[11];	/* Spare space for future expansion */
  	/* 0x100 */
The /* 0xa0 */ comment needs to be updated (or deleted).

I would tend to agree. Was this intentionally not updated (or deleted)?

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