Re: [PATCH 18/26] xfs: use merkle tree offset as attr hash

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On Mon, Apr 29, 2024 at 08:28:48PM -0700, Darrick J. Wong wrote:
> Within just this attr leaf block, there are 76 attr entries, but only 38
> distinct hash values.  There are 415 merkle tree blocks for this file,
> but we already have hash collisions.  This isn't good performance from
> the standard da hash function because we're mostly shifting and rolling
> zeroes around.
> However, we don't even have to do that much work -- the merkle tree
> block keys are themslves u64 values.  Truncate that value to 32 bits
> (the size of xfs_dahash_t) and use that for the hash.  We won't have any
> collisions between merkle tree blocks until that tree grows to 2^32nd
> blocks.  On a 4k block filesystem, we won't hit that unless the file
> contains more than 2^49 bytes, assuming sha256.
> As a side effect, the keys for merkle tree blocks get written out in
> roughly sequential order, though I didn't observe any change in
> performance.

This and the header hacks suggest to me that shoe horning the fsverity
blocks into attrs just feels like the wrong approach.

They don't really behave like attrs, they aren't key/value paris that
are separate, but a large amount of same sized blocks with logical
indexing.  All that is actually nicely solved by the original fsverity
used by ext4/f2fs, while we have to pile workarounds ontop of
workarounds to make attrs work.

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