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As in previous years, I'll be heading out for a run each morning and I'd
be delighted to have company.  Assuming our normal start time (breakfast
at 8am, sessions at 9am), I'll aim for a 6:30am start so we can go
for an hour, have half an hour to shower etc, then get to breakfast.
We'll meet just outside the Hilton main lobby on Temple Street.

I don't know Salt Lake City at all.  I'll be arriving a few days in
advance, so I'll scout various routes then.  It seems inevitable that
we'll head up Ensign Peak one day (6 mile round trip from the Hilton
with 348m of elevation) and probably do something involving City Creek /
Bonneville Boulevard another day.  If anyone does know the various trails,
I'd be delighted to listen to your advice.

Running pace will be negotiated by whoever shows up; I'll be tapering for
the Ottawa marathon two weeks later, so I'm not going to be pushing for
a fast pace.  This is a social group run, not a training opportunity.
People who want to do more or less are welcome to start with us and
break off as they choose.

You don't need to sign up for this, but if you let me know whether you're
showing up, I might wait a few extra minutes for you if you're late ;-)

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