[PATCHBOMB v5.3] fs-verity support for XFS

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Hi everyone,

I've mostly finished rounding out xfs_db and both fsck support for
fsverity.  I'm now sending out a full set of patches for everything I've
got, which is quite a bit more since the v5.2 stuff the other day.

This time around I've applied some more optimizations to the
implementation, including getting rid of the incore validation bitmap,
not storing trailing zeroes to reduce overhead, and eliding merkle tree
blocks that contain hashes of zeroed data blocks.  This last one is very
useful for reducing overhead of gold master disk images on vm farms.

Note that metadump is kinda broken and xfs_scrub media scans do not yet
know how to read verity files.  All that is actually fixed in the
version that's lodged in my development trees, but since Andrey's base
is the 6.9 for-next branch plus only a few of the parent pointers
patches, none of that stuff was easy to port to make a short dev branch.

Full versions are here:


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