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Last year we covered the new process for backporting to XFS. There are
still remaining pain points: establishing a baseline for new branches
is time consuming, testing resources aren't easy to come by for
everyone, and selecting appropriate patches is also time consuming. To
avoid the need to establish a baseline, I'm planning on converting to
a model in which I only run failed tests on the baseline. I test with
gce-xfstests and am hoping to automate a relaunch of failed tests.
Perhaps putting the logic to process the results and form new ./check
commands could live in fstests-dev in case it is useful for other
testing infrastructures. As far as patch selection goes, we should
consider what the end goal looks like XFS backporting. One potential
option would be to opt-in for AUTOSEL and for patches that cc stable,
and use bots to automatically check for regressions on queued up
patches - this would require a lot more automation work to be done and
would also depend on the timelines of how long patches are queued
before merged, how long the tests take to run, etc. As for testing
resources, we are still looking for employers to sponsor testing,
ideally in a way that anyone willing to contribute to stable testing
can easily gain access to resources for quick ramp-up.

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