Re: [PATCH 1/3] add physical_length field to fiemap extents

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On 2024-03-11 20:22, Andreas Dilger wrote:
On Mar 8, 2024, at 11:03 AM, Sweet Tea Dorminy
<sweettea-kernel@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Some filesystems support compressed extents which have a larger logical
size than physical, and for those filesystems, it can be useful for
userspace to know how much space those extents actually use. For
instance, the compsize [1] tool for btrfs currently uses btrfs-internal,
root-only ioctl to find the actual disk space used by a file; it would
be better and more useful for this information to require fewer
privileges and to be usable on more filesystems. Therefore, use one of
the padding u64s in the fiemap extent structure to return the actual
physical length; and, for now, return this as equal to the logical

Thank you for working on this patch.  Note that there was a patch from
David Sterba and a lengthy discussion about exactly this functionality
several years ago. If you haven't already read the details, it would be useful to do so. I think the thread had mostly come to good conclusions,
but the patch never made it into the kernel.

One of those conclusions was that the kernel should always fill in the
fe_physical_length field in the returned extent, and set a flag:

#define FIEMAP_EXTENT_PHYS_LENGTH      0x00000010

to indicate to userspace that the physical length field is valid.

There should also be a separate flag for extents that are compressed:


Rename fe_length to fe_logical_length and #define fe_length fe_logical_length so that it is more clear which field is which in the data structure, but
does not break compatibility.

I think this patch gets most of this right, except the presence of the
flags to indicate the PHYS_LENGTH and DATA_COMPRESSED state in the extent.

Cheers, Andreas

I had not seen that; thank you for the pointers, I'll add the flags in v2.

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