Re: Uneccesary flushes waking up suspended disks

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On Thu, Mar 07, 2024 at 08:53:43AM -0500, Phillip Susi wrote:
> I have noticed that whenever you suspend to ram or shutdown the system,
> runtime pm suspended disks are woken up only to be spun right back down
> again.  This is because the kernel syncs all filesystems, and they issue
> a cache flush.  Since the disk is suspended however, there is nothing in
> the cache to flush, so this is wasteful.
> Should this be solved in the filesystems, or the block layer?
> I first started trying to fix this in ext4, but now I am thinking this
> is more of a generic issue that should be solved in the block layer.  I
> am thinking that the block layer could keep a dirty flag that is set by
> any write request, and cleared by a flush, or when the disk is
> suspended.  As long as the dirty flag is not set, any flush requests can
> just be discarded.
> Thoughts?

How do other filesystems behave? Is this a problem just on specific

Dave Chinner

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