Re: [ANNOUNCE] xfs-linux: for-next updated to 75bcffbb9e75

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On Thu, Mar 07, 2024 at 03:16:56PM +0530, Chandan Babu R wrote:
> Hi folks,
> The for-next branch of the xfs-linux repository at:
> has just been updated.
> Patches often get missed, so please check if your outstanding patches
> were in this update. If they have not been in this update, please
> resubmit them to linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx so they can be picked up in
> the next update.
> The new head of the for-next branch is commit:
> 75bcffbb9e75 xfs: shrink failure needs to hold AGI buffer
> 201 new commits:

[snip list of all commits in for-next]

Hi Chandan,

I'm finding it difficult to determine what has changed from one
for-next update to the next because there's only a handful of new
commits being added to this list.

In this case, I think there's only 1 new commit in this update:

>       [75bcffbb9e75] xfs: shrink failure needs to hold AGI buffer

And I only found that out when rebasing my local tree and that patch
did not apply.

When I was doing these for-next tree updates, I tried to only send
out the list of commits that changed since the last for-next tree
update rather than the whole lot since the base kernel it was
started from. That made it easy for everyone to see what I'd just
committed, as opposed to trying to find whether their outstanding
patches were in a big list already committed patches...

Up to you, but I'm bringing it up because I am finding it difficult
to track when one of my patches has been committed to for-next right

Dave Chinner

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