Re: [PATCH v15 3/9] fuse: implement ioctls to manage backing files

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On Wed, Feb 28, 2024 at 04:01:17PM +0100, Miklos Szeredi wrote:
> On Wed, 28 Feb 2024 at 15:32, Jens Axboe <axboe@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >
> > On 2/28/24 4:28 AM, Amir Goldstein wrote:
> > > Are fixed files visible to lsof?
> >
> > lsof won't show them, but you can read the fdinfo of the io_uring fd to
> > see them. Would probably be possible to make lsof find and show them
> > too, but haven't looked into that.

I actually wrote about this before when I suggested IORING_OP_FIXED_FD_INSTALL:

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