Re: [PATCH 03/13] filemap: align the index to mapping_min_order in the page cache

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> > 
> > I have one question while I have you here. 
> > 
> > When we have this support in the page cache, do you think bcachefs can make
> > use of this support to enable bs > ps in bcachefs as it already makes use 
> > of large folios? 
> Yes, of course.
> > Do you think it is just a simple mapping_set_large_folios ->
> > mapping_set_folio_min_order(.., block_size order) or it requires more
> > effort?
> I think that's all that would be required. There's very little in the
> way of references to PAGE_SIZE in bcachefs.

Sweet. I will take a look at it once we get this upstream.


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