Re: [PATCH v4 0/2] Fix libaio cancellation support

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On 2/21/24 01:26, Christian Brauner wrote:
branch: vfs.misc

[1/2] fs/aio: Restrict kiocb_set_cancel_fn() to I/O submitted via libaio
[2/2] fs/aio: Make io_cancel() generate completions again

Patch [1/2] ended up in Linus' tree as commit b820de741ae4, which is
great. However, I can't find patch [2/2] in any vfs branch nor in
linux-next. Did I perhaps overlook something?

$ git branch -r | grep vfs/ | while read b; do PAGER= git log --format=oneline origin/master..$b fs/aio.c; done
83c671617c943c7e369de96d95cc94739d42bcca eventfd: simplify eventfd_signal()
1c146b0406bddf3769705e4cd31a422a6564ab7b fs/aio: obey min_nr when doing wakeups
1808acc4fab22bed2f259dcdbc3138333caac676 eventfd: simplify eventfd_signal()
6e44f043186bf108c353353acc21adca4c3d73db fs: introduce fs_supers_lock



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