Re: [PATCH v4 03/11] fs: Initial atomic write support

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Ritesh Harjani (IBM) <ritesh.list@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> John Garry <john.g.garry@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> From: Prasad Singamsetty <prasad.singamsetty@xxxxxxxxxx>
>> An atomic write is a write issued with torn-write protection, meaning
>> that for a power failure or any other hardware failure, all or none of the
>> data from the write will be stored, but never a mix of old and new data.
>> Userspace may add flag RWF_ATOMIC to pwritev2() to indicate that the
>> write is to be issued with torn-write prevention, according to special
>> alignment and length rules.
>> For any syscall interface utilizing struct iocb, add IOCB_ATOMIC for
>> iocb->ki_flags field to indicate the same.
>> A call to statx will give the relevant atomic write info for a file:
>> - atomic_write_unit_min
>> - atomic_write_unit_max
>> - atomic_write_segments_max
>> Both min and max values must be a power-of-2.
>> Applications can avail of atomic write feature by ensuring that the total
>> length of a write is a power-of-2 in size and also sized between
>> atomic_write_unit_min and atomic_write_unit_max, inclusive. Applications
>> must ensure that the write is at a naturally-aligned offset in the file
>> wrt the total write length. The value in atomic_write_segments_max
>> indicates the upper limit for IOV_ITER iovcnt.
>> Add file mode flag FMODE_CAN_ATOMIC_WRITE, so files which do not have the
>> flag set will have RWF_ATOMIC rejected and not just ignored.
>> Add a type argument to kiocb_set_rw_flags() to allows reads which have
>> RWF_ATOMIC set to be rejected.
>> Helper function atomic_write_valid() can be used by FSes to verify
>> compliant writes.

Minor nit. 
maybe generic_atomic_write_valid()? 

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