Re: [PATCH 0/1] Rosebush, a new hash table

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On Thu, Feb 22, 2024 at 08:37:23PM +0000, Matthew Wilcox (Oracle) wrote:
> Rosebush is a resizing, scalable, cache-aware, RCU optimised hash table.
> I've written a load of documentation about how it works, mostly in
> Documentation/core-api/rosebush.rst but some is dotted through the
> rosebush.c file too.
> You can see this code as a further exploration of the "Linked lists are
> evil" design space.  For the workloads which a hashtable is suited to,
> it has lower overhead than either the maple tree or the rhashtable.
> It cannot support ranges (so is not a replacement for the maple tree),
> but it does have per-bucket locks so is more scalable for write-heavy
> workloads.  I suspect one could reimplement the rhashtable API on top
> of the rosebush, but I am not interested in doing that work myself.
> The per-object overhead is 12 bytes, as opposed to 16 bytes for the
> rhashtable and 32 bytes for the maple tree.  The constant overhead is also
> small, being just 16 bytes for the struct rosebush.  The exact amount
> of memory consumed for a given number of objects is going to depend on
> the distribution of hashes; here are some estimated consumptions for
> power-of-ten entries distributed evenly over a 32-bit hash space in the
> various data structures:
> number	xarray	maple	rhash	rosebush
> 1	3472	272	280	256
> 10	32272	784	424	256
> 100	262kB	3600	1864	2080
> 1000	[1]	34576	17224	16432
> 10k	[1]	343k	168392	131344
> 100k	[1]	3.4M	1731272	2101264

So I think the interesting numbers to see (besides performance numbers)
are going to be the fill factor numbers under real world use.

It's an interesting technique, I've played around with it a bit
(actually using it in bcachefs for the nocow locks hash table), but no
idea if it makes sense as a general purpose thing yet...

you also mentioned that a motivation was API mismatch between rhashtable
and dcache - could you elaborate on that?

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