[Bug 218830] lseek on closed file does not trigger an error and affect other files

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--- Comment #1 from Theodore Tso (tytso@xxxxxxx) ---
This is a test/programming bug.   If you change reproduce.c so that it prints
fd_a  and fd_b, you'll see that they have the same value.   So the reason why
lseek didn't fail is because fd_a has the same integer value as fd_b --- and so
lseek didn't fail and affected the current position of fd_b.

This is a documented feature of the Linux/Unix/Posix interface.   File
descriptors are small integers, and if you close a file descriptor, it releases
that integer ---- think of it as an index in an array, i.e., struct file
*fd_array[MAX_FDS].   When you call open, it will find the first NULL pointer
in fd_array, and installs a pointer to the struct file, and returns that
integer as the file descriptor.

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