Re: GPIO triggers kernel reboot

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Heiko Schocher <hs@xxxxxxx> writes:

> Hello Steve,
> Thanks for your answer!
> Am 25.01.2014 20:39, schrieb Steve deRosier:
>> Hi Heiko,
>> It's certainly possible, and it's also easily done from user-space.
>>   Something like this is more policy than function.  It's also a potential
>> security issue.  As such I'd expect it highly unlikely that the kernel
>> maintainers would allow it to go upstream. Give it a try though.
> Ok, thats what I also think ...
>> I'd approach this from user-space.  Add in the gpio-keys driver and use the
>> input-event-daemon to trigger a reboot.  Super easy.
> Yes, that was also my suggestion, but is there a way to do this without
> user space usage in a generic way?

I think that you can register an input handler for that. iirc, there was
a driver doing something similar for apm.

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